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Now also Squirrel of Capitol Park's Official Campaign Web Site




Click HERE for a pdf page of ten
business-card-size Squirrel for Governor campaign cards
that you can print and hand out.
The Recall Election is over, but Squirrel will be back!
(In fact, he is back already.  See below!)

Plus Miscellaneous Photography and Graphics from UmbachConsulting.com

"Umbach is a miserable cartoonist . . . ."  Sacramento News & Review, May 1, 2003.
Hey, I am not complaining.  You gotta love that blunt and crusty journalism!

The Miserable Cartoonist At Home
The Miserable Cartoonist Gets an Inspiration

Be sure to scroll down -- some new items are toward bottom of page,
in the "Miscellaneous Photography and Graphics" section.
Each of the two sections is arranged from newest to oldest as you go from top to bottom of list.

To keep Squirrel in peanuts:

Your contribution will earn the thanks
of a grateful, albeit very odd, menagerie.

Squirrel's Formal Portrait

Squirrel's Campaign Button
Fine, fine, fine ... Squirrel uses doubles and they do NOT all look the same.  So sue me.
Anyway, Squirrel of Capitol Park, like his "candidacy," is more of a concept than a thing in itself.
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