Rose In Frame

This is a digital photo taken July 17, 2003, with an Olympus Camedia 720 Ultra Zoom digital camera with an added Tiffen UV filter.  Resolution: 1984x1488, JPEG with minimal compression performed by the camera.  (The only completely uncompressed option for that camera is TIFF, which results in enormous files.)  The photo was altered only by changing the image size (to make it smaller than the original) and through the additional compression required when saving a JPEG file.  This one was saved with a medium compression/quality level of 8.  The frame, of course, was also added to the photo before saving, as an Adobe Photoshop Elements 2 effect.  The photo is otherwise unretouched -- no change in lighting or color.  I thought it came out well.  The original is, of course, much sharper and more detailed, as well as much larger in height and width, but the original  file was simply too big to post.
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